My intentions for this blog

First up, what do I want to achieve with this blog? It’s good to plan, to have a focus so I don’t lose track of my intentions and end up trying to persuade you to check out my latest musical obsession du jour (Matt Corby btw, check him out, he’s very talented).

See look there, I meandered off. It’s very easy to do and I must be strict with myself.

So, a focus. With recent and forthcoming changes across the educational landscape, I felt a need, a niche in the market if you will, for a blog and a space for those who work in secondary schools dealing with Careers to push forward ideas for how our work fits into this new world. Because, despite a media focus on curriculum and qualification changes being delivered in an increasing variety of types of schools, our work is more vital now than ever. The national priorities defined by the current administration are so far up our street they’re practically parked in our living room. Social mobility, providing a skilled workforce closing the gap, employer engagement – all of these recent trends and talking points from politicians place our work right at the very heart of the modern education experience of our young people. We should be more vocal about fighting for the importance of our space within schools and more forward in establishing how our work can help achieve these goals.

Next up some definitions. Now, I hate wasting time on this but I know that it needs to be given a regarding look at least.


That’s the term I’ll be using. In your school, Local Authority or Academy Federation wondership you might use a different term. Let’s get over that now.

Careers, Education, Information, Advice & Guidance.

It says it all. If you organise a few hours out at a work experience placement for a little group of students who are struggling with mainstream lessons – that’s you. If you’re a pastoral Head of Year who organises the collection of the College applications – that’s you. If you’re a teacher who’s been asked to come up with a few lessons on interview skills – that’s you. From the full time, non teaching member of staff solely dedicated to that work (hi) to those schools who spread different parts of it to lots of members of staff to fit around pre existing responsibilities, you’re all in that term.

You’re all in that term because you’re speaking to young minds about their own tomorrow. Young people are all interested in their own future and trying to make sense of the possibilities of their place in the vast, vast world of work. I want this blog to a place where we can help each other do that for them.

Finally, a pre apology. I’m bound to get stuff wrong on here. I’m bound to get facts out of kilter or see a proposal and launch into a misinformed post that completely misses a blindingly obvious point. Please be gentle when I get it wrong. Get in touch and point out any mistakes, irregularities and general mind garbage in the comments or on twitter. I’m rubbish without your opinions and knowledge, I want to improve my own work and this is just a cheeky way of (hopefully) vacuuming up lots of great ideas. Share them.

Oh, and the typos. Oh God, if I can promise you one thing, it’s that there will be typos.


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