Why take two Careers policy documents into the shower when just one will do?

There where many sensible and welcomed recommendations in the Education Select Committee report “Careers Guidance for Young People: The Impact of the new duty on schools.”


It seems that one of those has been acted upon.

41.  We believe that Government could do more to promote consistency in the offer to young people through central guidance. We note that the Minister was not opposed to the proposition of combining the two documents into one, if there was “broad consensus around that”.[49] We consider that this would help to encourage consistency between what was offered in different schools and different areas, and therefore we recommend that the statutory guidance and practical guide be combined in a single document. References to “statutory guidance” in the rest of this report should be taken to mean this unified document.

Has resulted in an updated and combined version of the two documents being published.

After the report came out, you can almost imagine the conversation in the Dfe.

That careers report, what are the easy fixes?”

Well, there’s two documents we’ve put out….and they want only one…”

But enough of the sniping, it’s a good document with clear intentions and practical suggestions for implementation.

It also includes a few tidbits to keep an eye on in future:

  1. Point 9 – Sixth Forms and FE Colleges will be getting their own version of this guidance
  2. Point 12 – There’s this thing, it’s called the National Careers Service, it’s got a phone line, you can use it if you want, meh…feels a bit shunted to the sidelines already
  3. Point 13 – includes the sentence that will give most schools pause for thought.

 In year 8, information should include options available at age 14 such as University Technical Colleges, Further Education Colleges, Sixth Form Colleges and Studio Schools. 

The first steps in regulating a competitive market for students moving into KS4

  1. Point 15 – There seems to be more emphasis on schools “should” secure face to face guidance for vulnerable or disadvantaged children – I think this shows were the red line for Ofsted will be once they start inspecting schools career provision from September
  2. Point 22 – is vital for those with KS5 provision 
  3. Point 23 & 24 – I think this shows where Ofsted will want a school to impress them on inspections by proving that they go ‘above and beyond’ by providing evidence of their student visits to and links with FE, Sixth Forms, UTC’s, HE etc

So, it’s there, it’s been updated and careers leaders in schools should not only be acquainted with it but get a copy in front of their Senior Leadership links soon. 



  1. Thanks. Been working with schools in North Somerset to make progress here. Developing guidance for a school’s CIAG web page . Hopefully the majority of schools will adopt this. Already actioned a web page on the LA web site.

  2. Hi Marie – thanks for your comment. Have you got a link for the LA web site? – would be interesting to see. I think the new Guidance is a pretty good starting block for everyone to shape their own policies and then explaining those to students/parents through websites etc

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