A Further Word on Educational Inequality

Had to reblog – this is exactly the story of my school as well – 6 weeks before start date our BSF was cancelled and we are now waiting for a Priority Schools build to slowly, ever so slowly get moving

Laura McInerney

Yesterday I explained why inaccurate use of the term “educational inequality” makes me uneasy. But then I started thinking about a gross educational inequality that is hardly ever mentioned, and it made me madder and madder.

Here is the school building that the teachers and pupils of Rugby School see when they arrive to learn:


Here is the school building me and the pupils I taught saw:


Spot any differences?

Here is a corridor at Westminster School:

Westminster School by Ruggero Rossi (ruggaugga)) on 500px.com
Westminster School by Ruggero Rossi

Here is the corridor my classroom was on. In one direction and then the other:



Yes the bucket was necessary for a roof leak.

Here is a classroom at the very expensive St. Paul’s School:


Here is the classroom I taught in during the second year (and a later year):



This second one looks great, until you realise that three of its wall are surrounded by the…

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