Your Career Journey – Key Stage 4 lesson plan

I’m putting this up on the blog as I think that lessons discussing Careers (which aren’t just application form filling) are very tricky to get right and would love feedback or to hear back if people have tried any bits of it with students.

The aim of the lesson is to get students to consider both what makes a successful or satisfying career and what choices need to be made so that an individual has the best chance of achieving that enjoyment from their work life. It would also work best if some previous work has been done with students on their strengths/weaknesses & interests.

It’s fairly rough around the edges and it would need a prepared teacher, ready to see where the lesson took them.

The lesson plan is here:

The PowerPoint to use is here:

A rough stab at the student worksheet is here:

These Personal Statement extracts are from two of our ex Year 11s but it would be better to use your own students so you could reveal who they were and what they actually went onto do at some point:

Credit for the original Journey diagram goes to @ukmarketinghelp – I just modified it a little.

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Let me know how you get on!

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