The work experience visit: Dance 1 “the push & pull”

Goes a little something like this:

Employer: “We don’t normally do work experience but I know his mum so we made an exception.”

Me: “Well, we’re really grateful that you did, it’s hard to find quality placements. How’s he been?”

Employer: “Really good actually, we’ve been able to give him a lot more to do than we thought we would.”

Me: “So he’s shown an interest in the business, asked intelligent questions?”

Employer: “Yeah, it took him a while to come out of his shell but he’s cottoned on very quickly.”

Me: “So, it’s been a positive experience?”

Employer: “Yeah, he’s really got on with things.”

Me: “So you might think about running it next year as well?”

Employer: “Well, maybe…”

Me: “That would brilliant if you could. Like I said, we’re always on the lookout for quality placements.”

Employer: “Well, I’ve got to speak to HR…”

Me: “Of course, but we could help get the right students to you, bring them over for a chat, ask them to submit a letter of application…”

Employer: “And then there’s the health & safety…”

Me: “You’d be surprised how easy that is now, for the paperwork you just treat them like an employee really.”

Employer: “Our Director would have to have the final say.”

Me: “Of course, but we really do appreciate interesting placements like this though.”

Employer: “Well, like I said, we’ll see.”

Me: “You’ve got my number if you need to talk about it.”

Employer: “Sure.”

Me: “Look forward to hearing from you soon.”

Employer: “Sure.”


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