The work experience visit: Dance 2 “the gee up”

Goes a little something like this.

Me: “So, this looks great, what sort of stuff have they had you doing?”

Student: “Well, I pick up the stuff from here..”

Me: “Uhuh”

Student: “And I put then I put it over there.”

Me: “Right, right, sounds like physical stuff! I’m sure you’ve been going home tired every night!”

Student – just looks at me

Me: “So what sort of skills do you think you’ve been able to display on the placement then?”

Student: “Well, my ability to pick stuff up. And then put it down again.”

Me: “Been working in a team at all?”

Student: “No.”

Me: “Riiiiight, so you’ve shown a lot of perseverance to get the job done.”

Student: “Yes.”

Me: “Has it helped you think about your future at all?”

Student: “Yep. Not to do a job like this.”

Me: “Okayeeee. But I hope you see, the fact that you’re sticking with it is really good. Still doing a good job, even though you don’t like it shows you’re a dedicated person.”

Student: “I tweeted some friends last night. Daniel has been working on a new design for a wing mirror on a F1 car.”

Me: “Sounds like he’s been thrown in the deep end.”

Student: “I told him about the 3 different types of scaffold I’ve been carrying.”

Me: “Well done for sticking with it. It really will impress College.”

Student: “What’s happening back at school?”

Me: “Not much, it’s very quiet with all you lot out.”

Student: “I miss it.”


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