The National Careers Service is doing a stand up job for young people…says the National Careers Service

I would just like to draw your attention to a recent document released by the National Careers Service.

“A Difference That Counts” seems to be a brief overview of the Service’s progress and achievements in the year since it’s inception.

My focus is immediately drawn to the section on page 7 about their work with young people under the age of 18.

Young people are supported by the dedicated webpages
for 13 –18 year-olds, which include FAQs, real-life
stories, quizzes and career guides on everything from
preparing for interview to finding an apprenticeship.
Forging links with youth-oriented sites such as plotr and
mykindacrowd is helping the Service provide a trusted,
credible source of advice to young people. This is in
addition to advice via telephone, email, text, webchat,
a user forum and textphone

“a trusted, credible source of advice to young people”

my reaction something along the lines of…

The NCS has a long road to travel before the majority of school age children are even the slightest bit aware the organisation exists, let alone what’s it for and what it can offer them.


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