Early Signs: Is Ofsted delivering the CEIAG judgement goods?

A new term means new Ofsted inspections and reports which, this year, should get special scrutiny from the CEIAG community. For it is from this September that Sir Micheal Wilshaw has promised that a school’s proficiency in fulfilling the duties of the Statutory Guidance and the quality of their CEIAG work will be given a greater priority in inspections. The guidelines issued to inspectors are clear so now, for schools to  believe that this work is a vital part of the structure they build for their students, it just has to happen.

In these first reports from this academic year only full school inspections on secondary schools are included here:

1. School: Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School

Inspection Date: 11/09/2013


Performance table:


Specific mention of Careers/CEIAG/Destinations: None (although the paragraph at the bottom of page 6 does mention progression routes)

2. School: Sharples School Science Specialist College

Inspection Date: 10/09/2013


Performance table:


Specific mention of Careers/CEIAG/Destinations: On page 6, “students receive good support and guidance about the next steps open to them after they leave school.”

3. School: Granville Sports College

Inspection Date: 12/09/2013


Performance table:


Specific mention of Careers/CEIAG/Destinations: On page 6, “They have also developed a range of courses which are increasingly relevant for students. Most students are now prepared well for the next stage of education or work,” which is really more about curriculum pathways and design rather than IAG.

4. School: South Wolverhampton and Bilston Academy

Inspection Date: 18/09/2013


Performance table:


Specific mention of Careers/CEIAG/Destinations: None

5. School: Sandhurst School

Inspection Date: 10/09/2013


Performance table:


Specific mention of Careers/CEIAG/Destinations: None

6. School: Acland Burghley School

Inspection Date: 11/09/2013


Performance table:


Specific mention of Careers/CEIAG/Destinations: None

7. School: Fearnhill School

Inspection Date: 17/09/2013


Performance table:


Specific mention of Careers/CEIAG/Destinations: YES! – On page 8, “The school makes suitable arrangements for providing independent information, advice and guidance to prepare students for the next stage of their education and the world of work.”

8. School: Hasland Hall Community School

Inspection Date: 12/09/2013


Performance table:


Specific mention of Careers/CEIAG/Destinations: YES! – On page 7, “Independent and impartial careers guidance is available to students through an independent careers service and events and opportunities provided by the school. There are good relationships with local providers of post-16 education.”

9. School: Litcham School

Inspection Date: 12/09/2013


Performance table:


Specific mention of Careers/CEIAG/Destinations: None – although reference is made to qualification pathways and opportunities for small numbers of students to participate in work related learning but, again, this is a curriculum design issue, not an IAG reference.

It’s far too early to form a judgement or look for any emerging patterns here on either how Ofsted are inspecting or then reporting CEIAG as part of regular school inspections but I wanted to flag up that, in some cases, it seems to be happening well.

The early questions raised are though

1. Will negative verdicts on a schools CEIAG provision start to appear as well?

2. Does omission of a CEIAG verdict in the report imply the inspection team did not focus on it or a negative verdict on the school’s provision?

3. Will Destination figures get a mention at some point?

In time, we shall see.



    1. Indeed but I would be inclined to give the benefit of the doubt with it being another new item to include in the final report. I might repeat this exercise next term when this is perhaps more embedded for inspection teams and see what the comments are then.

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