Careers and CEIAG Accounts to follow on Twitter

I’m seeing more and more CEIAG folk popping up on twitter so I thought it may be helpful to post a list of accounts to follow that I have found indispensable in helping me be better at my job. There is a lot of news and opinion on twitter. This is multiplied when you use it for work and your job is at the intersection of business and education, secondary school and FE/HE and working life versus learning life. These are the accounts which keep me informed, make me think, challenge my preconceptions and drop nugget after nugget of gold into my timeline.

Be warned though: this won’t be a list purely to find resources to use with clients. If you are looking for online resources (especially with school age clients) then both Sue Burke’s site and  Janet Colledge’s Pinterest boards should be early ports of call.


1. Tristram Hooley – Head of the International Centre for Guidance Studies at the University of Derby

2. Nick Newman – Founder of Careers Info and the National Careers Week Campaign

3. Fiona Christie – HE Careers Consultant at the University of Salford

4. Tahira Majothi – HE Careers Consultant also at the University of Salford

5. Deirdre Hughes OBE – Chair of the National Careers Council

6. Matt Hancock – Conservative Minister for Skills & Enterprise

7. Stephen Logan – Assistant Head at Malet Lambert school in Hull – passionate advocate for Enterprise education

8. Janet Colledge – London based Careers Education teacher

10. David Wallace – Schools Careers Manager in Stratford Upon Avon

11. Aimee Bateman – Founder of CareerCake TV and all round positive Careers advice mentor

12. Nick Linford – Editor of FEWeek with a sharp eye on the sector

13. Tristram Hunt – Labour Shadow Education Secretary

14. Lottie Dexter – Director of the Million Jobs campaign


1. CASCAID – Provider of CEIAG resources

2. National Apprenticeship Service

3. UK Commission for Employment & Skills

4. The Work Foundation – Lancaster University think tank focused on work

5. The Education & Employers Taskforce – Charity connecting schools and employers

6. The Career Development Institute – membership body for the Careers profession

7. Careers England – trade association of the Careers guidance industry

8. The Confederation of British Industry – if you’re preparing people for employment, then you need to know what the employers think

9. Office of National Statistics – Their jobs & earning data is very useful

10. Tomorrows Engineers – STEM Careers site by the Royal Academy of Engineering


1. Guardian Careers Section – covers a wide range of career issues and advice

2. Skills On Tap – news aggregator account


1. Department for Education – the people who make the plans

2. Education Select committee – the people who hold the people making the plans to account

I’m bound to have missed great people and great accounts from this list so let me know of any you think should be added in the comments below and I’ll carry on adding to the lists!


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