Education Select Committee 18/12/2013: Careers tweets on the #AskGove Twitter hashtag

Ahead of an appearance in front of the Education Select Committee on the 18th December 2013, the Twitter hashtag #AskGove has been launched to source questions from the public for the Minister. Split into four categories

Submit your question via Twitter between 11am on Monday 09 December and 5pm on Thursday 12 December. Please add hashtags as below:

  • #AskGove#places (for questions on school places)

  • #AskGove#care (for questions on children’s social care)

  • #AskGove#careers (for questions on careers)

  • #AskGove (for other questions)

this is a great chance to put forward some direct questions to Michael Gove on the Department’s current Careers policy in schools.

At the time of writing here are some of the best questions in this category:

Make sure you get your questions and tweets in before the deadline using #AskGove and #Careers hashtags.


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