Local Media Coverage for a Careers in Law Talk

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I’ve blogged a few times on the theme that Careers activities in schools naturally offer opportunities for positive local media coverage. Well, finally, I’ve managed to follow my own advice with a small story in the local Luton newspaper this week which features a story on a recent visit from Pictons, a local law firm, who visited my school to speak to a group of about 25 students. Hopefully, in your school, Senior Leaders understand the value of Careers focused activities for the inherent value they have but, if they need that little extra push of persuasion, then dangling the possibility of local media coverage as a result could add more power to your argument. It’s worth noting though that this took the talents of professional PR firm brought along to the event by Pictons and the piece in the paper is completely copied and pasted from the first paragraphs of the copy they sent me for approval before submitting to the paper. The tips seems to be, after building links with your local journalists, provide them with everything to build the article from copy to a good picture.


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