School Governors and the CEIAG statutory duty

September 2014 Update:

In the interest of completeness and to attempt to put all of the relevant guidance on this blog, here is the mention of Careers guidance in the School Governors’ Handbook updated in January 2014.

(page 38)

3.2 Careers guidance
Maintained schools must secure access to independent and impartial careers guidance
on the full range of education or training options, including apprenticeships. This
requirement applies to pupils in years 8-13. Funding agreements for academies which
opened from September 2012 onwards generally include an equivalent careers
requirement. We have written to all academies which opened before September 2012 to
encourage them to take on the requirement. The governing body must reassure itself that
the requirement to secure careers guidance from an external source, in the form that best
meets the needs of their pupils, is being met. Schools must have regard to statutory
guiance (sic) underpinning the duty, which makes it clear that links with employers are
particularly important in securing careers provision that inspires young people to consider
a broader range of options.

The oversight that Governors give to their schools work in this area fits with the inclusion of the Ofsted focus on Careers in the Quality of Leadership and Management section of their inspections and places the onus on Careers Leaders in schools and their nominated Governors to meet at appropriate times in the academic year to discuss  and evaluate provision and outcomes (those destinations stats).


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