How do you solve a problem like STEM?

Some interesting thoughts and a teased report about IAG and students at UTCs is towards the end of this post from the AQA Policy Blog. For a lot of youngsters, just choosing GCSE subject choices is daunting task because of the ‘career’ importance they can (sometimes unjustifiably) place upon them so moving school at this point to pursue a set career path must be an even bigger decision. The research on the IAG that has been there (or not) to aid those choices will be very interesting and, perhaps, highlight another side of the story to the marketing focus on the employability benefits and desire of those students which is part of the drive to raise enrollment numbers in UTCs.

AQA Policy Blog

16.05.14 There is a significant concern in the UK right now about a STEM “skills gap”, resulting from a failure to provide young people with the necessary STEM skills and knowledge in school required to succeed at university or in employment. A note from the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology in 2013 suggested that 42% of employers reported difficulties recruiting “STEM-proficient staff”. In attempting to tackle this, the government has developed numerous initiatives to encourage STEM subject take-up, but until now, few have focused specifically on improving STEM progression routes through school and into HE or employment. The question remains: what can be done to plug the gaps in the STEM pipeline?

One new idea is the “Your Life” scheme, a “business and entrepreneur led” campaign, which launched last week and hopes to bring together business, educators, civil society and government with the aim of growing the…

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