A social bookmarking solution @Diigo – all thanks to @CareersLucy

Come September 2014 my school’s email will be changing from the Capita service we’ve had for a number of years (in preparation for a BSF school build which was cancelled and is now a Priority Schools Build) to an Outlook based service. Not a problem you might think but this will also mean the end of our secure Managed Learning Environment (MLE) in which I’ve built a swish little careers section furnished with lots of links that I use everyday in face to face sessions with young people. While I’ve been promised that my data will be transferred to a new service (run by these guys), I’m long enough in the tooth now to know that public service IT gremlins are bound to hold this up so I’ve been searching for an online bookmarking solution that I can set up in case of possible problems.

Which is why, when I saw this post from @CareersLucy, I did a little skip of thanks to the heavens.

With the help of her video I’ve now set up my own Diigo profile, added a Chrome App and ported across all of the links that I find useful with young people. Some of them I use much more than others but you never know what corridors a careers conversation with a teenager will travel so it’s better to have the links with useful info to hand than not. I still need to spend some time adding and modifying my tags to ensure the links will be to hand as the conversation flows but even after only a couple of hours work I can see the site being really intuitive to use while talking to students and much easier to pass links onto students through email for them to read and check back on after sessions. I can also see it being extremely easy to add new sites of interest that I see on Twitter, so maintaining and updating my profile will be very streamlined.





    1. I took a look at Pinterest but just didn’t find it intuitive at all. I kept finding myself click pictures only not to be taken to the source site. Have you seen an “Idiots guide to…” about that could help me?

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