The difference between a careers resource and PR excercise

This is a Youtube careers resource

it is about 6 minutes long, features interviews with young people as well as actual engineers with their job clearly indicated (“yes, this lady helps design space robots”) and could actually used in lessons. It’s not overflowing with production values but it has enough content to spark some CEIAG learning. Perhaps it could be the perfect starter for a careers lesson with a class debate about breaking stereotypes in job roles or you could ask students to redesign the science pages in your schools options booklet placing more focus on the engineering routes they could lead to or give them an empty careers ladder template and ask them to research the qualification steps to each engineering role featured.

This is a PR exercise

which has people dancing about to “Happy” in front of a lot of recently built stuff. In the description we’re told that:

The civil engineers behind some of London’s most iconic infrastructure projects have put on their dancing shoes to show the public – young people in particular – how happy they are to be engineers and the diverse and exciting careers on offer through choosing maths and science subjects at school.

Which leads me to ask then…Who are these people? What do they do? (are they all engineers?) What was their role in designing or building these facilities? Are we meant to guess? What do two guys doing robot moves on the Millennium Bridge have to do wanting to be a civil engineer? What were the career decisions these people took to get where they are? What challenges did they face? Did they all have to move to London? I’ve also racked my brain about how I would use this with students and drawn a blank – if inspires any activities from you, let me know.

At the time of writing one of those videos has just over 600 views and one has over 28,000 views and probably, a professional body very satisfied at their successful outreach project. My hunch though is that the lasting impact of such dispensable and slight resources without the attachable CEIAG learning thought through, will be negligible at best.



  1. As I have a long-held policy of being positive, I do rather like the first video and can see it being a useful resource for careers discussion.

    The second video has some good shots of some rather exciting looking civil engineering projects.

  2. The first few mins of vid 2 are very funny! What on earth were ICE thinking of?!! It is probably a good idea and with better execution could have been good – shame they didn’t link the dancing people to job roles with pop ups about how they qualified or something like that.

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