The National Careers Service has launched a resources pack for schools

As part of, what looks like from the outside, a refitting and refocusing of the National Careers Service towards supporting school CEIAG work an “E-Pack” of resources for teachers to use with students has been launched.

Link here:

The pack consists of a number of worksheets and power points that mainly advertise the National Careers Service to young people. This follows on the recent National Careers Council report which highlighted that the number of contacts the Service has with young people has fallen year on year:

The lesson plans, like the Barclays Lifeskills ones, are very general but might spark some ideas from you to fit into your own careers lessons or tutor plans.

There is also the usual collection of posters and leaflets also found on the National Apprenticeship Service site that no school would actually ever print off as the printing costs would be astronomical.

The final document, and perhaps the one I’m more likely to use first, is a “Support Requirements Form” that allows schools to book the Service to attend and run events.


One comment

  1. You beat me to it, I’ve spent a good part of the morning looking at these, I agree, pretty generic and often unispiring but at least the powerpoints are useful for display screens around the school.

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