How to make a strong college application

Very useful advice from Eddie Playfair, Principal of Newham Sixth Form College, for CEIAG folk to show Year 11 students to help them with their College applications and personal statements. No doubt the forthcoming post about College interviews will go straight to the top of the bookmarks folder as well. It’s really great to see a Head of a Sixth Form using blogs to interact in this way.

Eddie Playfair

IMG_3448How can students make sure that their sixth form application is as strong as possible and does justice to their achievements, interests and aspirations?

If you are in Year 11, you need to be thinking about where you want to continue your education after 16. You are free to choose where to apply, whether it’s a sixth form college, FE college, school sixth form or training provider. You can make several applications and each college or school will consider your application independently and decide separately whether to make you an offer. So applying to a sixth form is not the end of the process of choosing, it’s very much a part of it.

So here are my 10 top tips:

  1. Make sure you have researched the sixth form you are applying to. Do they offer the programme you are interested in and do you have a reasonable chance of meeting…

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