Futures Advice NCS “Get Inspired” newsletter



Last summer I posted about how the National Careers Service would be tasked with altering its remit to provide services for younger people. The ‘prime contractor’ for this work in the Central Eastern region contract was won by Futures Advice.

They have started by updating the local LMI sections on the National Careers Service website and by sending out their “Get Inspired” newsletter (which I can’t seem to find online anywhere? – please link below in the comments if you know where) which has a Q&A with some proper no mark on the front. The rest of the newsletter has sections for each county in the Region with examples of some great employability projects and people to contact should you like to get involved.

This introduction of a kind of “middle tier” for careers support for schools has a complicated landscape to map. On the business side of things, it will need the information and guidance of LEPs, Chambers of Commerce and Local Authorities to ensure its data is sound and the guidance is reflective of the local labour market needs. While on the education side of things, how integrated they will be with bodies such as Ofsted, Regional School Commissioners and the new Careers Company remains to be seen and will determine the consistency of message schools will receive about the importance of their CEIAG provision and opportunities to enhance it.



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