How Ofsted will inspect Careers IAG in schools from September 2015

Good lord, I’ve been writing this blog a long time.

This is the 3rd update in this series. To see what Ofsted were planning to inspect from September 2013 look here and for September 2014 look here.

Things are slightly more complicated this time round though as the kind and frequency of an inspection a school will undergo will depend more on their current Ofsted rating.

Schools already rated OUTSTANDING are exempt from inspection unless they trigger warnings from a risk assessment of data (in other words their results drop through the floor) or other triggers such as whistle-blowing or substantive parental complaints (p8).

Schools already rated as GOOD will receive a one day light touch inspection every three years. The Handbook for these Section 8 inspections is here and “Careers” or “Destinations” isn’t mentioned once. If the school causes enough of a concern during this one day visit or shows evidence that it might be able to move to OUTSTANDING, within 48 hours a further team of HMI will arrive to carry out a full Section 5 inspection (helpful flow chart p14).

So now the new 2015 Section 5 Inspection Handbook instructs HMI to look for:

In the “Personal development, behaviour and welfare” section, OUTSTANDING schools careers provision will:

ofsted 2015 1

while in GOOD schools:

ofsted 2015 2

(pages 49 & 50)

while in the “Outcomes for pupils” section the descriptors include:


ofsted 2015 5

ofsted 2015 6

(pages 55 & 56)

For schools with a Sixth Form provision in the section “the effectiveness of the 16-19 study programmes” the descriptors read:


ofsted 2015 7

16-19 GOOD

ofsted 2015 8

(pages 63 & 64)

It’s nice to see the spread of CEIAG verdicts across two of the four key judgement areas and I like the balance between a descriptor on provision and descriptor on outcomes. It’s worth bearing in mind though that the new regime will see fewer schools be questioned about their careers provision as a smaller number will be undergoing full Section 5 inspections than before.

As ever, if I’ve missed something, give me a shout in the comments below.



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