David Andrews CEIAG in Schools & Colleges Conference November 2015

We all know that funds are tight in schools and colleges at the moment and, when allocating budgets at times like these, one of the first items on the chopping block can be your own CPD.

Well there’s a couple of events in November that should change your mind on that. First up is the CDI Annual Conference in Cardiff and then, a few weeks later, will be the annual CEIAG in Schools and Colleges Conference run by David Andrews.

Like I’m sure many of you reading this, I was lucky enough to undertake one of David’s CEIAG courses in Cambridge when I first took on this role and it provided me with utter clarity on what the job I was about to embark should and could be. I was also fortunate enough to attend this conference last year and learnt a lot, not just from the presentations but also from the friendly crowd that attended. So, as we draw the academic year to close, make a commitment to yourself to dedicate some resources to your own progression and development and get attending some CPD!


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