A quick bit about the Skills Show

Coming up in mid-November is one of the highlights of the school CEIAG calendar, the Skills Show at the NEC in Birmingham.

I’ve been fortunate enough to accompany 3 groups to these events now and every time, after hours trawling the vast spaces packed with stands and displays, the students come bouncing out, arms overflowing with all sorts of paraphernalia from all sorts of careers. It’s great stuff.

Unfortunately, despite the ever increasingly frequency of the marketing emails turning up in my inbox, it’s very unlikely I’ll be taking a group this year.

Last year, a 33 seater coach from Luton cost £380 and, thanks to a fund from Bedford College, we were able to get this fully reimbursed. On arrival, all I had to do was report to the Bedford College stand.

This year, a range of travel bursaries are available for coach parties and, if you are thinking about going and those contributions help you, then you should definitely do it.

They won’t help me though. All of the bursaries are for groups over 40, which means upping to a 46 seater coach (and hoping that no kid was ill on the day) which we’ve been quoted £635 for. We would be eligible for the Loyalty or the Distance support bursaries but these are up to a maximum of £200. Which would leave £435 that wasn’t budgeted for when I submitted my expected requirements for 2015/16 back in May.

This is just a little insight into how CEIAG in schools is fast becoming the art of achieving something for nothing.


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