The best Careers advice video for young people I’ve seen

6 (!) years ago I posted about a video that I thought was an excellent attempt to distill some complex ideas about career planning down to some bite sized nuggets of advice for secondary school aged children. Even if that video was created by a careers service at a Canadian University, the advice is relevant for both young people and their parents perhaps choosing Key Stage 4 options or thinking about the subsequent pathways to come.

Now, a more recent and targeted resource has come from the Career Pilot site and the Careers & Enterprise Company

The animations and messages overlap many of the same themes as the Simon Fraser University effort and enables viewers, especially parents, to become more aware of the wider range of career enabling decisions and choices open to their offspring then they might initially presume. Importantly, the video could also calm nerves. Many parents, in my experience, structure career conversations with the prerequisite need for the destination to decided first; resources such as this video help spread understanding that it’s a perfectly valid method of career exploration for children is to start the journey without the end point already decided.

I would suggest that Key Stage 4 Options Evenings and other parent facing events would be perfect places for schools to play this video while the tips for young people

career pilot tips

are solid aims for any careers program to achieve.

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