Hi, I’m Russell and this is a careers blog. Any posts from the blog’s inception to December 2016 were published during a time that I worked in a secondary school in Luton as their Careers Adviser.

You can find out more about my time there here:


From December 2016 to January 2019, the blog focused more on FE CEIAG as I worked first as a Careers Adviser and then as Acting Careers Lead at Bedford College. That team’s work can be found here:


From January 2019 onwards I took on the role of Careers Leader at Milton Keynes College.


My About Me here:


You can also find my own, online bookmarks that I use in Careers sessions or face to face guidance here:


Serious stuff: It’s also worth pointing out that I will be extremely conscious when writing this blog regarding issues of confidentiality to do with my day job and be mindful of the reality that opinions expressed here will reflect on my employer. I hope that writing this blog will be positive learning experience that will enable me to be more knowledgeable and thoughtful about my role and I will be carefully guarded against any potential for negative consequences from posts. Any opinions expressed here are not the opinions of my employer and are my own views.


  1. Hi any tips advice for the career theory essay for the level 6 top up? I’ve completed the LMI essay, reflective practice and theory essay, been observed and just have the 6000 word essay to write. I’m really struggling. Thanks

    1. Hi, Thanks for leaving a comment – I found this difficult to as I found it hard to verbalise my thoughts and reactions to each piece of learning or resource or activity I did and logged for the qualification. I remember having to remind myself to write as if a non CEIAG practitioner was reading it which meant I didn’t skip over things which you would assume your assessor would know. And, of course, they will already know everything you write but I found that mindset helped me cover everything. And putting it into a table helped, with headings such as What was the Learning Activity, What did I learn from this and What do I need to do to use this experience in the future.

      Good luck!

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