Other blogs you should really check out


Since launching myself into the Level 6 qualification in Career IAG, I have found David’s blog essential reading.


The blog that started me thinking I should write a blog (that’s right, blame HER). It’s neat and tidy and packed to brim with full of useful information, links and thoughts. It made me think that a similar blog, but aimed at careers workers working with a younger age group, might work.


Another highly useful blog for career theory and policy updates. Tristram and the Department at the University of Derby regularly publishes new work on changes in structures of how careers work is delivered to the public.



  1. Hi, I have looked through your document. Have you thought about creating a career audit i.e. careers is not just your sole job, the aim is it should be embedded into the school. The likelihood is careers is happening in some ways in subject departments already, activities you don’t not necessary get involved in. Consider raising achievement, aspirations, expanding the subject further anything which falls into this category – is careers. You then may want to break it down in what you do for each year group combined with the careers audit information and what you coordinate. Sue

    1. Thanks for taking the time to look through our Policy Sue. You’re spot on, we need to spread the responsibility through the subject areas, encourage and assist best practice and then regularly ask staff to audit that provision. Like you say, Careers can be an area in school with which staff can quickly fall into the habitat of signposting queries into a sole member of staff when all could have an input. It’s something we need to evolve into our Policy. Thanks again!

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